Sunday, 15 April 2018

Spring flowers in Burnbank Terrace

On a walkabout of the Woodside area, I was delighted to find a planters full of Spring flowers in Burnbank Terrace. The gardening activity has improved the street and created a focal point for residents to enjoy.

Views of planters

Thanks to everyone involved in supporting the introduction of the planters including Burnbank Gardens Association and Queens Cross Housing Association.

Changing face of Great Western Road

In recent weeks, concerns have been raised about the closure of shops on Great Western Road, specifically Maplin and Ducati. This week, there have been reports of Glasgow high street shops struggling to compete with online.

Maplins closing down sale.
Ducati store shut.

Hopefully, the vacant shop units on Great Western Road will result in new businesses opening up and development of the local economy. There is currently uncertainty for many local businesses and a need to support the existing shops in the high street.

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Montague Street Trees

Further to requests, the Council has planted 3 new trees at the junction of Montague Street and Great Western Road. 

Only one of the trees planted by the developer of the new flats on Montague Street survived. Thankfully, it has been possible to access replacement trees with the support of the Council's Land and Environmental Services.

View of newly planted trees

I hope that we will get to enjoy these trees thrive and grow on this street. It is essential that we retain our street trees as they enhance the quality of the environment for everyone.

Friday, 30 March 2018

Kelvin Walkway repairs at Queen Margaret Road

Last Sunday, I enjoyed a stroll along the Kelvin Walkway and found that the repairs to the steps to/from Queen Margaret Road have been completed. The entrance gate is open and accessible after contract works on replacement steps and footpath.

View of the access gate at Queen Margaret Road

 New stairway down from Queen Margaret Road to Kelvin Walkway

Resurfaced footpath to access the Kelvin Walkway

The completion of the footpath and steps is very welcomed as this is a vital walking route for local residents and visitors. This investment by the Council improves the accessibility of the Kelvin Walkway. Special thanks are due to the staff involved in making sure that this work was prioritised.

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Act to improve air quality

This week, we moved forward in efforts to improve air quality in Glasgow's city centre.  At the Environment, Sustainability and Carbon Reduction Policy Development Committee's meeting councillors gave support of plans to implement a low emission zone by the end of December 2018. Air pollution is now at the top of the council's agenda due to the efforts of environmental campaigners.

Die-in held by environmental campaigners in George Square
on Tuesday 20th March

There is still a lot of work to do to delivery this Low Emission Zone. Investment in bus retrofitting to ensure they meet Euro VI standard is critical as part of phase 1 and I have been pushing for all buses to comply by December 2020. Further debate will take place on the phase 2 which involves all other vehicles and the potential for a congestion charge. To delivery the Low Emission Zone, we still need further support from Scottish Government, Transport Scotland and the Traffic Commissioner.

Environmental harm of Roadside Litter

There is a huge problem with litter on road verges next to the M8 motorway at Charing Cross. Last Sunday, I helped at a community clean up and gathered three bags of rubbish from St. Georges Road.

View of litter at roadside verge on St. Georges Road.

After clean up of litter.

This is a small contribution to reducing the unsightly litter on our streets. It is estimated that on a monthly basis, 50 tonnes of litter are dumped on Scottish roadsidesThere is a roadside litter campaign that you can support at:

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Fundraising with a Taste of Glasgow

Whilst shopping this afternoon, I came across a fundraising group who have produced a recipe book called "A Taste of Glasgow" and  they are selling copies to raise funds for Children 1st. This is an distinctive collection of special recipes from chefs of the city's restaurants. 

Front cover of "A Taste of Glasgow".

Donations from the recipe book go to Children 1st.